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Kamiya Jani Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband, Father, Net Worth

Kamiya Jani
Kamiya Jani

Kamiya Jani Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband, Father, Net Worth: Kamiya Jani is an Indian journalist, YouTuber, and social media influencer. She’s best known for her YouTube show ‘Sunday Brunch’ on the Curly Tales channel. She started her career in February 2006 at The Times of India and later moved to CNBC TV18 in June 2006, working there as a Correspondent and Sub-editor for 1.8 months.

In February 2008, Kamiya started as an anchor and assistant producer at Bloomberg UTV for a two-year gig. Her job was to host and produce lifestyle, travel, and entertainment shows. Later, in February 2010, she took on the role of a Financial Market Anchor at ET Now and became a Travel Anchor at MagicBricks Now. But Kamiya decided to leave her stable anchor job because the routine was getting too much for her. In an interview about quitting her steady job, she explained her reasons.

Kamiya Jani Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband, Father, Net Worth

Name Kamiya Jani
Date of Birth May 25, 1988
Birth Place Mumbai, Maharashtra, Indian
Nationality Indian
Age (as of 2024) 35 Year
Net Worth 2024
INR 5cr to 7cr
Relationship status Married
Husband Name Samar
Father’s Name Mohan Jani
Mother’s Name Poonam Jani
Height (Approx) 5 Feet 7 inches
Weight (Approx) 59 Kg
Eyes Color Black
Hair Color Brown

Kamiya Jani Age, Early Life, Family, Biography

Kamiya Jani was born in Mumbai on May 25, 1988, making her a Gemini. She went to R.D. National College in Mumbai and got a degree in Mass Media. Later, she also earned a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from G J Advani Law College in Mumbai.

Kamiya Jani Age

Kamiya Jani Family

Kamiya Jani comes from a good family. Her parents, Mohan Jani and Poonam Jani, got married in 1979. Her dad is into business, and her mom is a homemaker. Kamiya, born into a Hindu family and part of the Jaat caste, grew up with her older brother and another sibling.

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Kamiya Jani hit the jackpot when she landed a role in the popular travel show, Curly Tales. As a host, she brought genuine excitement and a real passion for exploring unique travel adventures. People loved how she connected with folks from different countries, making her a big name in the travel scene.

Kamiya loves highlighting unusual and unexpected places. She enjoys finding hidden gems, less-known spots, and local experiences that go beyond the usual touristy stuff. This way, she discovers cool treasures and shows off the beauty of places that often get overlooked.

Besides her TV gigs, Kamiya Jani also shares her travel adventures on social media. You can find travel ideas, awesome pictures, and cool stories on her profiles. She’s got a bunch of travel enthusiasts who love keeping up with her journeys and getting travel tips from her online.

Kamiya kicked off Curly Tales because of her love for travel. Starting as a digital platform, it aimed to change travel content and inspire folks to explore the world. Now, under her leadership, Curly Tales has become a go-to brand, offering all sorts of travel goodies like special experiences, travel guides, and personalized trip plans.

Besides her work, Kamiya Jani is known for giving back. She supports causes that push for responsible and sustainable tourism, highlighting the importance of taking care of the environment and respecting different cultures.

Kamiya Jani Net Worth

Kamiya Jani’s net worth is estimated to be between 5 to 7 crore INR.

Kamiya Jani Net Worth

Kamiya Jani Husband

Kamiya Jani has been happily married to Samar for eight years. They’ve got a strong relationship, always backing each other up in their jobs. Kamiya got married at 24 in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Height and Weight

She’s about 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 59 kilograms.

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Some Facts About Kamiya Jani

  • Born: May 25, 1988, in Mumbai, Gemini.
  • Education: Graduated from R.D. National College in Mass Media, later earned LLB from G J Advani Law College in Mumbai.
  • Career: Started at The Times of India, CNBC TV18, Bloomberg UTV, ET Now, and MagicBricks Now.
  • Curly Tales: Founder of Curly Tales, turned it into a travel brand.
  • Travel: Known for unique experiences, host of ‘Curly Tales.’
  • Charity: Advocates for ethical and sustainable tourism.

Social Media Profile

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Who is Kamiya Jani?

Ans. Kamiya Jani is an Indian journalist, content creator, and founder of the travel brand Curly Tales. She gained recognition through her work in journalism and her show ‘Curly Tales.’

Q.2 When was Kamiya Jani born?

Ans. Kamiya Jani was born on May 25, 1988.

Q.3 What TV shows has Kamiya Jani been a part of?

Ans. Kamiya Jani has been an anchor and assistant producer at Bloomberg UTV, a Financial Market Anchor at ET Now, and a Travel Anchor at MagicBricks Now.

Q.4 What age did Kamiya Jani get married?

Ans. Kamiya Jani got married at the age of 24 in a grand wedding ceremony.